The Omakase Experience

We serve an omakase experience of Japanese cuisine. Omakase means that leaving dinner up to the chef. You are encouraged to trust us to serve you the finest seafood available on the day.


Gozen menu

Our gozen meal consists of five or more courses, each carefully prepared and presented. The courses often include a combination of sashimi (raw fish slices), sushi, grilled dishes, simmered dishes, fried , rice, pickles, and a small dessert.

The number and type of courses may vary depending on the occasion, season and the specific type of gozen meal being served.

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Our restaurants Koizen feature omakase, a Japanese-style chef's choice meal.

Koizen selects only the highest quality products from our local suppliers, They can sometime help us to import from international suppliers.Which we are thankful.

Our rice is cooked, seasoned with vinegars and served at best temperature, to create the perfect balanced taste.

Each day, seafood products are prepared and served at their best temperature and flavor.

For our nigiri, we use different seasonings to highlight its natural taste.

Our dishes are mostly showcase one at a time at the sushi bar. This allows our customers to enjoy the true essence of omakase sushi

Wagyu beef event

A special event centered around the exclusive Japanese beef – 和牛 Wagyu. Treat yourself with superb A5 ranked Kagoshima wagyu with the 11 course menu.

Bluefin Tuna Event

One evening with one focus; the most expensive fish in the world – Bluefin Tuna. Learn about the different cuts, flavors and textures with the 10 course menu.



Michelin Guide

 “…watch him prepare an omakase menu inspired by the best seafood available each day. There’s a good choice of sake by the glass.”



“Alven Chu vill sprida japansk matkultur på Koizen” 


White Guide

“Utan Alven Chu vore kroggöteborg en fattigare plats”



Allergies/ Dietary Restrictions

Please inform in advance if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies or special considerations.

At the moment, we are unable to serve vegetarians.

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On The Lookout for Talented Sushi Chefs

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Forward us your CV to john@koizen.se.

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